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CMS for Serverless Web Development

The way we build, deploy and operate the web is evolving. Webiny is a developer-friendly serverless CMS powered by Node, React and a GraphQL API.

✅ Serverless. ✅ Open Source. ✅ GraphQL API. ✅ Self-hosted.

Made for developers

We created Webiny with developers in mind. It’s a single platform built with community accepted tools and libraries.

The future is serverless

Serverless will be the way how we create most, if not all, web applications and Webiny makes it real easy.

Multi cloud support

Deployed Webiny to any of the major cloud providers, like AWS, GCP or Azure.

Serverless Framework

Webiny uses Serverless Framework, so you benefit from its ecosystem of tools and plugins.

Complete environment

It’s a whole dev environment that’s ready to go. No need to configure webpack, babel, routing and other stuff. All you need is already there.

100% Javascript

One language is all you need to know, no matter if you’re coding a SPA or an API.

More Than “Just” a CMS

Build Websites, Apps and APIs With Webiny. As a Developer You Will Benefit From Several Features.

  • Comes with an admin theme with over 30 React components
  • Built-in server side rendering
  • CSS-in-JS via Emotion
  • Deployment CLI with support for multiple environments
  • Foundation for building dynamic serverless sites and apps
  • Designed and optimized to run inside AWS Lambda

Webiny Comes With Several Ready-Made Serverless Apps

  • Page Builder

    For when you need a quick landing page created without any coding.

  • Form Builder

    Create forms using a drag&drop interface and track how they convert.

  • File Manager

    Upload, categorize, search and edit your files.

  • Headless CMS

    GraphQL based headless CMS with powerful content modeling features.

Using Webiny You Get the Full Spectrum of Serverless Benefits Out of the Box

  • High-availability and fault tolerance built in
  • 99.999999999% (11 9’s) of data durability
  • Event-driven scalability - pay for what you use
  • Enterprise-grade secure and scalable ACL
  • Great performance using a global CDN
  • DDoS Protection of your APIs

Get Started

Get started: Getting Started Docs

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