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Get started

Get started with Strapi using yarn or npx:

yarn create strapi-app my-project
npx create-strapi-app my-project

Try also one of our starters or templates

Features overview

For Developers

Multi-databases support SQLite, MySQL, Postgres are supported, you just have to pick one of your choice.
GraphQL or RESTful Consume the API from any client (React, Vue, Angular), mobile apps or even IoT, using REST or GraphQL.
100% Javascript One language fits all. Use JavaScript from front to back.
Webhooks Call back anywhere you need, to get the functionality you want, out of the box with our API.
Auto-generated documentation Write and maintain the documentation with a one-click integration.
Authentication & Permissions Secure your endpoints by allowing or not allowing users to access your API by roles.
TypeScript support As developer, you will now be able to create and write lines of code using TypeScript files. All these files will be automatically compiled during the development phase.

For Users

An intuitive, minimal editor The editor allows you to pull in dynamic blocks of content. It’s 100% open-source, and it’s fully extensible.
Media Library Upload images, video or any files and crop and optimize their sizes, without quality loss.
Flexible content management Build any type of category, section, format or flow to adapt to your needs.
Sort and Filter Built-in sorting and filtering: you can manage thousands of entries without effort.
User-friendly interface The most user-friendly open-source interface on the market.
SEO optimized Easily manage your SEO metadata with a repeatable field and use our Media Library to add captions, notes, and custom filenames to optimize the SEO of media assets.


Customizable API: Automatically build out the schema, models, controllers for your API from the editor. Get REST or GraphQL API out of the box without writing a single line of code.
Media Library: The media library allows you to store your images, videos and files in your Strapi admin panel with many ways to visualize and manage them.
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Role-Based Access Control is a feature available in the Administration Panel settings that let your team members have access rights only to the information they need.
Internationalization (i18n): Internationalization (i18n) lets you create many content versions, also called locales, in different languages and for different countries.
SSO (Enterprise): SSO authentication feature for the Strapi admin panel, which lets enterprises connect Strapi to their authentication providers and protocols such as Active Directory, Okta, Auth0, Keycloak, OAuth etc...
Dark Mode: You will be able to easily switch between the dark and the light mode through the user profile section in the administration panel.
In-app marketplace: Everything you love about the marketplace directly in Strapi. Now you can find all the plugins you need right in the app.


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