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sensenet is a content repository with API first approach packed with a full featured permission system, preview and collaboration tools.

A basic setup of sensenet has three top-level parts:

  • A content repository that is the storage and service layer
  • An application that uses the content of the connected content repository through API calls
  • A sensenet admin surface (only in SNaaS) that helps you carry out common content managements tasks

Everything is content

Content is the basic block for storing information in sensenet. A content can be any kind of data, user, document, workspace, memo, task, and more. Using content items everywhere unlocks a great deal of exceptional features, making your experience as a user more seamless, and your job as a developer a lot easier.


In this model, sensenet content repositories live in our cloud infrastructure.


  • no installation required (easy onboarding)
  • easy patches and upgrades
  • no hosting related tasks
  • central admin surface
  • flexible pricing plans (based on # of contents, requests, and users)

Who is it good for?

From department websites and apps to enterprise rollouts.

For developers

sensenet offers you a rich API allowing you to manage, integrate and deliver content. Use your favorite tech stack and turn sensenet into your and your team’s personal workshop . Build all sorts of new content, apps, solutions, and more for your clients or internal use.

For marketers

As a content creator, you will find sensenet to be a platform with all the tools to fulfill your goals. Use the variety of content types and the many options to manage content, and create your own preferred process for your daily work. Improve all phases of marketing projects from content planning, through collaboration to deployment.

For enterprises

Through sensenet as a service (SNaaS), you can utilize all the features of a flexible, secure, and nearly limitless headless CMS without spending resources on updates and maintenance.

Try it out!

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