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Payload is a free and open-source headless CMS aimed sharply at providing the best, developer-first experience possible to build out APIs and admin UI.

Payload brand

Why Payload?

Payload is a CMS that is obsessed with giving engineers the best developer experience possible to build out APIs and admin UI. It catapults developers' efficiency and value by delivering an extensible REST and GraphQL API as well as a beautiful React admin panel for non-technical users to manage content—all in TypeScript.

From docs to design, it's staunchly code-first, but uncompromising in admin experience. Developers finally have a tool to deliver their admins with a CMS that is beautiful, minimal, extensible, and usable. It can power the backend for websites of all sizes, ecommerce, SaaS, native apps, and more.

Payload is our silver bullet solution. It represents years of passionate development and brings everything we need when we build new apps and websites:


Get Started

Get started in just one line with npx create-payload-app.

The Getting Started documentation will help you get up and going quickly or view our full documentation

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