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Flextype is an open-source self-hosted Data-First Headless CMS & API. It is was founded in March 2018 as lightweight alternative to other heavy and outdated CMS. Many people use complex solutions for simple pages, unnecessarily. Building this content management system, we focused on simplicity - even novice webmaster adapt his template and writes his own plugin. To achieve this, we implemented a simple but powerful API's.

With Flextype, you are in complete control. Design your data structure the way you want. Update and share your data with others and teams using version control. Flextype does not require MySQL database, because all the data are collected in a simple files. Perfect portability when changing your hosting provider. Just copy all the files from one account to another.


Flextype provides faster, more productive way for you to build and manage any kind of projects.


Flextype is super fast content management system because of its elegance architecture and built-in smart cache.


Building this content management system, we focused on simplicity and flexibility. To achieve this, we implemented a simple but powerful Core API's.

Easy Editing

With Flextype you are free to use any of your favorite content editor to write content or our gorgeous Admin Panel.

Built-in REST API

Flextype REST API with compact JSON payloads gives you full programmatic control over your content management system.

Dynamic Content Types

The flat-file nature of Flextype lets you define unlimited custom fields for any of your entries.

Version Control

Flextype is a file-based CMS, you can version control all content with GIT or any other Version Control System.


On top of Flextype you may build any project you want.


Business sites, Landing pages, Personal site, Portfolios, Product sites, Blogs, Web Apps

Native Apps

iOS, Android, Windows, Kai, Lineage, Fire, Flyme, Sailfish, Tizen, Remix.


Kiosks, Billboards, Digital Signage


Smartwatch Apps, Activity Trackers

IoT Devices

Lights, Appliances, Auto

Game Data

Mobile Games, VR, DLC

SaaS Platforms

CRM, Productivity Tools, & Commerce


E-Commerce, Inventory, & POS

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