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What is Contento?

Contento is a modern headless CMS 100% focused on websites.

Contento - Visual Preview

Who is Contento For?

Contento offers the perfect balance of simple content management paired with powerful content modeling - loved by both the content team and devs alike. Unlike some of our competitors who aggressively ramp pricing, we offer a straight-forward pricing structure that is not designed to price gouge.

We also bake in key features like SEO and visual preview across all product tiers enabling all users to access the entire feature set. Reusable content blocks also help to speed up page build times enabling the marketing team to optimize workflows independent of developers.

Finally, we assume you are using Contento to manage and maintain a website. This simple assumption frees us to add features aligned with this goal, which we think is one of the dominant use cases for most headless deployments.

Contento - Content Type editor

How is Contento Different?

  • Built with a specific use case in mind - managing and maintaining a marketing website
  • Focus on meeting the needs of non-developers equally - intuitive admin panel, accessible documentation, baked-in powerful tools like SEO and visual preview
  • First class DX - well documented API, SDK with framework adapaters, built-in image API
  • Attractive pricing tiers - unlike some category leaders we don’t price gouge
  • Access to dedicated support - with Contento, you can speak to a human if you need to

Contento - Asset management

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