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Publish your GraphQL API in 5 minutes, no coding required.

Save time with the tool used by the world's laziest web developers to create your GraphQL API without writing a single line of code.

From idea to production in minutes, not days

Define your data model quickly and with flexibility. You won't be starting from scratch. Based on our experience we have already pre-designed the most common data types and queries for you. And we are preparing many more…

  • Prototype and publish your API quickly
  • Predefined data types and queries
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Designed to work on Jamstack

We bet on modern web development. Our goal is to add all our experience to develop a content management system optimized for Jamstack.

  • Designed for Jamstack ecosystem
  • Automate workflows through webhooks
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Our CDN makes your content fly

Thanks to Cloudflare's technology we have designed an intelligent cache system that distributes your content at the speed of light. We have a network of 200 data centers in more than 90 countries.

  • Serve your images and content from our CDN
  • Intelligent cache control system included
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Prototype, test and publish your API with no code

Design your data model without writing code from a catalog of predefined types. Share an access token and implement your API without worrying about the infrastructure.

Take advantage of the benefits of using GraphQL

Enjoy using a modern and easy to learn query language. No complications. We have already prepared the queries and mutations you’ll need.

Update your content with the included headless CMS

Manage your content online. Offer your clients the option to update their content using our headless CMS. We take care of optimizing your images and resources.

6 Reasons why you should start using Apirocket right now:

  • Create your queries even if you don't know GraphQL
  • Multilingual Support
  • We store your resources and optimize your images
  • Automate your workflow thanks to webhooks
  • An open roadmap to the community
  • Choose your favorite framework

Start creating your GraphQL API, without having to learn how to program a backend

Get your idea into production in minutes: Prototype, test, publish and scale your own GraphQL API.

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