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Gostatic is a static site generator. What differs it from most of other tools is that it's written in Go and tracks changes, which means it should work reasonably fast.

Features include:

  • No run-time dependencies, just a single binary - download it and run
  • Dependency tracking and re-rendering only changed pages
  • Markdown support
  • Flexible filter system
  • Simple config syntax
  • HTTP server and watcher (instant rendering on changes)

Quick Start

Run gostatic -i my-site to generate basic site in directory name. It will have a basic config file, which you should edit to put relevant variables at the top - it also contains description of how files in your src directory are treated.

src directory obviously contains sources of your site (name of this directory can be changed in config). You can follow general idea of this directory to create new blog posts or new pages. All files, which are not mentioned in config, are just copied over. Run gostatic -fv config to see how your src is processed.

site.html is a file that defines templates your are able to use for your pages. You can see those templates mentioned in config.

And, finally, there is a Makefile, just for convenience. Run make to build your site once or make w to run watcher and server, to see your site changes in real time.

Also, you could look at my site for an example of advanced usage.

Good luck! And remember, your contributions either to gostatic or to documentation (even if it's just this README.md) are always very welcome!

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