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Built upon proven open source technology as a "reimagined" fork of Jekyll, Bridgetown is a fast, scalable, modular, and thoroughly forward-looking framework for building websites and frontend applications.

Write Content

Content in Bridgetown is simply text files in your repository. Write flexible Markdown and use sophisticated Liquid tags to enhance your presentation and functionality. Using a headless CMS or third-party APIs? That works too!

Design with Components

Encapsulate common building-blocks of your design which can be reused across multiple pages and contexts or displayed in an always up-to-date style guide.

Customize with Plugins

Write your own plugins in the delightful Ruby programming language to facilitate totally custom projects, or simply add community gems to supercharge your site build.

Add a Modern Frontend

Bridgetown comes with support for Webpack out-of-the-box, which means you can add Javascript frameworks like React, Vue, Stimulus as well as CSS frameworks like Bulma or Tailwind to get a leg up fast.

Future Roadmap

Bridgetown has an extenstive roadmap and strives to maintain a predictable release schedule. A key goal of the project is to be a reliable partner for commercial solution providers by ensuring their frontline work with clients goes well and feedback flows positively into the Bridgetown feature set.

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