Jamstack Conf 2022

7-8 Nov 2022 · San Francisco and online SVN West 10 Van Ness Ave

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Jamstack Conf is for engineers, technology leaders, and digital agencies who are embracing the next evolution of modern web development architecture.

  • 20+ speakers
  • 1000s of developers
  • 2 days
  • 3 workshops


Watch talks from people creating the building blocks of the modern web and from people putting those tools to work.


Connect virtually and in person as we bring this bustling community together to share experiences and make new connections.


Take your skills up a notch by attending one of the in-person workshops from experts in the industry.



Get valuable, hands-on training from experts in the industry.

  • Performance-First E-commerce & Visual Web Experiences with Cloudinary

    How can we leverage media to engage our potential customers while still providing a great overall UX? We’ll talk about media’s role in building the visual web, methods we can use to showcase our products effectively, and how we can make sure we’re delivering media in a way that won’t negatively impact our store’s experience.

    What you can expect to achieve:

    • Create a new demo app with a Next.js React starter
    • Install and configure Cloudinary
    • Optimize images and serve with modern formats programmatically
    • Resize and crop images with face and subject detection
    • Serve responsive images
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Backend with Remix

    We’ll examine the intersection between the two ends of the stack and explain how Remix makes the backend less scary for frontend developers. I’ll show you how to leverage tools and techniques on the server for super snappy UIs — without the need for weird optimization tricks in your client-side code.

  • Netlify Edge and Uniform are a match made in heaven for composed architectures that serve extremely fast personalized pages

    Developers will learn to create websites that have page loads around the ~50ms mark while being highly dynamic and personalized for the end user. Learning the basics of the Uniform and Netlify platforms, will allow developers to do amazing things in terms of composable architectures, as well as personalization in the MVP of a project rather than a year down the line.

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Day One - Nov 7

8 - 9am PST

Breakfast + Registration

9am - 12pm PST


Choose from three workshops.
12 - 1pm PST

Lunch + Expo

1 - 2pm PST

Welcome to Jamstack!

Join us as we kickoff Jamstack Conf with a welcome message from Chris Bach, Co-founder of Netlify.
2 - 5pm PST


Learn how startups are furthering the Jamstack ecosystem and empowering developers building the modern web. Includes a 30min break.
5 - 7pm PST

Barks ‘n Brews

Get to know our sponsors, play with some adoptable dogs, and grab a beer!

Day Two - Nov 8

8 - 9am PST

Breakfast + Registration

9am - 12:30pm PST


Day 2 will be packed with web development best practices, Jamstack case studies, and the latest on modern browser techniques. Includes a 30min break.
12:30 - 1:30pm PST

Lunch + Jamsnacks

1:30 - 5pm PST

Talks + More

Lightning Launches, The Jammies Awards, and a Live Podcast, oh my! Includes a 30min break.
5 - 8pm PST

Jamstack Block Party

You won’t want to miss the most epic block party on the rooftop of SVN West!

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7-8 Nov 2022 · San Francisco and online SVN West 10 Van Ness Ave

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